Amateur movies made by Mr. Arie Berger.

Source Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Movie #3 – 1943

  • Images at the Moana Surfrider Resort on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii with the volcanic mountains Diamond Head in the background.
  • Soldiers dancing and hula band playing.
  • Military (Arie Berger) comes from the sea and three other soldiers sit at a picnic table.
  • Tennis in Canberra Australia.
  • The Harbour Bridge in Sydney filmed from multiple sides. View over the city and street scenes. Apple at Batchelor Airfield, Northern Territory. Dutch and Australian flag in flagpoles.
  • Again Sydney Harbour Bridge with two large ships in the foreground.
  • Soldiers are cut and shaved outdoors at Batchelor Airfield.
  • Again images of Sydney with a boat trip in the bay.
  • Back in Batchelor with practice gun shooting.
  • Green surroundings at St. Peters Cathedral in Adelaide. Statues of River Torrens and the Cross of Sacrifice in front of the cathedral.

Beeldbank – Department of Defence – Netherlands

Movie #4 1943 -1944

  • Car ride along the coast in Australia.
  • Coastal town.
  • Drive through rural surroundings. Kangaroo’s.
  • View of Adelaide filmed from Lights Vision.
  • South African War Memorial on King William Street.
  • The National War Memorial on North Terrace.
  • Children playing around a house.
  • Overflying B-25 at Batchelor.
  • Takeoff from a Lockheed PV-1 Ventura (SF-K) of No. 13 Squadron RAAF. Loading a truck.
  • Arrival of a Douglas C-47 Dakota (VHRDG) of the ML-KNIL.
  • Unloading goods from the Dakota and later loading them again, including a glass gun turret.
  • A B-25 flying by.
  • Young marsupial.
  • Mr. Berger on the horizontal bar.

Beeldbank – Department of Defence – Netherlands

Movie #5 1945 -1946

  • Mr. Berger on the horizontal bar at Batchelor.
  • Victory parade at the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in Canberra with fly-by of various aircraft, including B-25s.
  • A military bus with a number of men and women visits the AWM.
  • A number of Tiger Moths are on a runway ready for departure.
  • Bagara Beach near Bundaberg in Australia.
  • Betty wedding to pilot. 

Beeldbank – Department of Defence – Netherlands

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