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Catholic Dutch Migrant Association (CDMA) – Qld

In the early sixties the Dutch Catholic immigrants started to form associations in the larger cities of Australia. The Dutch Chaplains assisted those migrants spiritually and practical assistance was provided where possible. The objectives of the associations were to carry out work of a practical or spiritual nature for the

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Dutch Australian Cultural Center Logo

Dutch Australian Cultural Centre

The Centre was established in 1983 by the Federation of Dutch Associations and formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1984. The Centre was formed to establish a central organization with the following two main aims: To preserve the rich history of Dutch contact with, and immigration to, Australia;

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The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre was founded in 1983 and gives as its aims and objectives in its mission statement, the collection, preservation, promotion and dissemination of Dutch culture and heritage in Australia. The Centre immediately started the collection of material for the archives and Library and now, after almost

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The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in Brisbane

In the late 1800’s, there was growing interest among Catholic women to become more involved in overseas missionary work.     This was linked to the rapid colonisation occurring among European countries.  In many places, woman and children in particular had no status, and thus no opportunities to develop the quality of

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