The Dutch barque De Kyverheid had some Involvement in the rescue of the crew of the schooner ‘Island Queen’ under command of Captain Porter.  This ship was lost on the Great Detached Reef on 24 July 1854. The 27 passengers and crew crowded into the longboat and set out for the Australian mainland. After passing through the Barrier Reef near the Sir Charles Hardy group of islands they received some supplies from the barque Ellen, repaired their rudder at Tuesday Island, declined an offer to board the Dutch barque De Kyverheid and proceed to Batavia, finally joining the steamer Ann which took them to Singapore.

The crew of the Island Queen most probably saw the remnants of the Hester and/or the Doelwyck as they were wrecked around the same time in this area

The article below from 1854 describes all of this in great detail (source Trove).

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In 1854, the Dutch vessel ‘Bato’ rescues survivors of the three shipwrecks along the Queensland coast.