This year the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Australia celebrate 80 years of diplomatic relations. Today we unveil our exclusive logo.

The Netherlands established formal diplomatic representation in Australia with the appointment of Envoy François Cornelius van Aerssen van Voshol on 16 April 1942.

“Throughout this year, the Dutch Diplomatic Mission in Australia will mark this historic diplomatic milestone. This milestone is built on a 400-year shared history dating back to 1606 when the seafarers from the Dutch East Indies Company trading ship The Duyfken became the first Europeans to make landfall on Australian soil, and the first Europeans to make contact with Australia’s Indigenous community,” said Ambassador Derckx.

This first Dutch encounter set the stage for wave upon wave of warm, strong and active bilateral relations across all our common goals from securing the international rules based order to promoting human rights, circular economy, energy transition, cybersecurity and disarmament.

“With themes of collaboration and innovation at the forefront, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands launches our special and unique 80 years celebratory logo created by the premier design firm Hulsbosch. This collaboration with Hulsbosch gives our logo an extra dimension. The Executive Creative Director Hans Hulsbosch and Creative Director Marcel Wijnen are both Dutch born,” said Ambassador Marion Derckx. “As they celebrate their own 40 year story, Hulsbosch is considered one of Australia’s leading brand firms creating some of the country’s most iconic brands such a Qantas. Hulsbosch is just one of the many Dutch-Australian success stories.”

“Water has always been vital in the connection of both nations throughout history. The two brushstrokes, one in Dutch orange and one in Australian true blue, unite in a complementary gesture to create one wave representing the idea of connection and progress, harnessing energy, forward-movement and an always dynamic relationship between the two nations,” says Hans Hulsbosch.