One of the first Dutch business people on record is Guillaume Daniel Delprat CBE in Broken Hill. He was a metallurgist, mining engineer, and businessman. He was a developer of the froth flotation process for separating minerals, and Chairman of BHP for 21 years. Delprat initiated the steel industry in Newcastle.
Another example is the music shop operator Paling who started his business on the Victorian Gold Fields in the mid-1850s. Many other early early examples can be found in the book by Dr. Edward Duyker (a senior academic): The Dutch in Australia, AE Press Melbourne, 1987.

The DACC was involved in the formation of Dutch Link, an organisation set up by representatives of Dutch multinational companies to accommodate business and social interests of all people with a Dutch background, both migrants and expatriates.
Dutch Link regularly hosts cultural and history presentations, organises sport and social events. These are increasingly attended by a rapidly growing number of expatriate Dutch nationals spending some years in Australia in business appointments. Cultural, social and educational examples in Sydney are for instance the King’s (Queen’s) birthdays (Masonic Hall in Sydney) and the annual Professor Cleveringa lecture, commemorating the closure of Leiden University in WWII, following the Nazi’s incarceration of Jewish academics.

Many other Dutch businesses can be found on this Internet Site below ,  The DACC plans to collect histories of these businesses.