The Dutch Radio Group, which started around 1979, is an integral part of Radio Station 4EB (Ethnic Broadcasting). More than 50 groups broadcast programs in their own language. The Dutch group holds its own social functions and also participates in 4EB-events such as: ‘Open Day’ and ‘Multicultural Festivale’. Several Dutch representatives have served in various positions on the Board of the multicultural radio-station.

Studios located in Kelvin Grove and West End were used initially. In 1985, with State Government support, it became possible to move to the current purpose-built premises with well-equipped studios, offices, library etc, situated at 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point.

Broadcasting hours allocated to the various groups do depend on the number of members. The Dutch group has currently four programs per week (Tue. 5.15 – 6 pm, Wed. 3 – 3.45 pm, Sat. 4 – 5 pm and Sun. 11 am – 12 noon). The program can be found on 1053 AM. The wave¬length is expected to change to 98.1 FM in August 2001.

The broadcasters are enthusiastic volunteers who bring their own style and area of interest to the program, assisted by technical producers. The Committee of the Dutch Radio Group holds monthly meetings when future programs are discussed. The programs, aiming to provide the listeners with information and pleasure, include Dutch-specific local and overseas news, as well as music and special interviews.

Summarised from information supplied by the group, February 2001