The Japanese occupied the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) in early 1942. A number of Dutch airmen escaped to Australia after surviving the fierce fight with the Japanese. They mostly ended up at either Archerfield airfield in Brisbane or Melbourne. These airmen were formed into a number of operational groups under RAAF control. All of their stores and equipment were supplied by the United States of America.

The Netherlands East Indies Air Force (NEI-AF) had two combat squadrons and some Transport sections in Australia during WWII.



NEI-TSB, NEI-TSM, 1 NEI- Transport Squadron, and 19 (NEI) Transport Squadron

Author Peter Dunn OAM

Peter James Dunn OAM is an Australian historian who specialises in researching all aspects of military operations, training, and exercises that occurred in Australia during the Second World War. Dunn is particularly interested in researching wartime military aircraft losses and, in 2012, was responsible for identifying an unknown aircraft wreck off Magnetic Island as being that of a Curtiss-Wright CW-22 that had ditched in 1943. As part of the Australia Day 2020 Honours List, Dunn was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia “for service to community history”.