Fokke Jacob de Jong was born on December 18, 1841, in Oldeboorn, Friesland, Netherlands. His parents were Jacob de Jong and Antje Jans Rinzema.

It looks like he jumped ship somewhere around 187e and settled in the Romsey area.

According to Australian marriage records, Fokke Jacob de Jong married Sarah Ann Simmons in 1877 in the district of Kyneton, Victoria, Australia. The couple bought a farm in the area. They had several children, including one named Annie de Jong.

In addition, according to electoral rolls, Fokke Jacob de Jong worked as a caretaker of the local Water Works Trust in the Romsey area from at least 1903 to 1914. By that time he had changed his name to Young.

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Dutch Benevolent Trust Funds – support for sailors and later also struggling Dutch migrants