DAAAG was created to be an accessible, easy to navigate, multimedia internet service dedicated to the sustainable digital preservation of Dutch Australians’ cultural heritage – for use by scholars, researchers, bureaucrats, journalists, Dutch individuals and other digital end users worldwide.

DAAAG is an initiative of the History of Migration Experiences (HOME) Centre, Curtin University. It was established in response to the urgent recognition, worldwide, for the need to preserve both intangible and tangible cultural heritage resources in the face of the accelerated pace of cultural and economic globalization and the improbability that museums can cope with housing collections that reflect their nation’s ethnic diversity (UNESCO 2003).


Cultural Heritage Workshops

In 2016, with other Dutch partners they went on to win a NIAS-Lorentz workshop at Leiden – Delft – Erasmus Centre. Edith Cowan University hosted workshops on digitisation in NSW, Canberra and Perth.

An international symposium seeking to produce a sustainable model for the preservation of Dutch Australians cultural heritage, held in Sydney 17-19 February 2015 in collaboration with University of Western Sydney and funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Online Exhibition: Australian and the Netherlands People Movement Stories

The Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth in collaboration with the Huygens Institute in the Netherlands have organised a hybrid in-vivo and online exhibition showcasing how the migratory movement between the two countries changed over the last 80 years and the way oral history can enrich migrant heritage that is dispersed over different collections in different countries and vice versa. The in-vivo exhibition is one of the events marking the anniversary of 80 years of full diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Australia.

The exhibition culminates one of the objectives of the above mentioned digitisation workshops.

The exhibition has been on display at the Western Australia Museum. A Dutch version will go on display in Netherlands in April. An Exhibition for NSW is planned for early 2023 with other states most likely to follow . It consists of 14 banners as shown in the pictures below.

The curators of the exhibition are Marijke van Faassen, Rik Hoekstra – both from Huygens and Nonja Peters from the Edith Cowan University, she is also the project manager.

The following are pictures from the exhibition when it was hosted by the Australian Ambassador in the Netherlands at his residence in June – August 2022.