• Reference library and archive;
  • Regular displays about Dutch events and iconic collections;
  • Displays about the Dutch migration experience;
  • Active support for musical events, performances, visual arts;
  • Free educational presentations about Dutch-Australian history;
  • DIMEX Project, a major survey of experiences of Dutch migrants;
  • Maintaining a lively website and Facebook page;
  • Production of own regular Newsletter and articles in other Dutch magazines;
  • Displays, including an excellent maquette of the Singel area in Amsterdam and of copies of 17th and 18th century maps by VOC and other cartographers;
  • Assistance with finding tutors for lessons in Dutch.

The DACC Digital Hub

For the Digital Hub the DACC collects information, stories, documents, photos, and videos in relation to Dutch-Australian history and culture.

This includes topics such as Migration, Maritime, Mercantile and Military. We collect stories and information in the broadest way as long if there is a Dutch-Australian connection. If relevant this also includes 2nd and 3rd generations with a Dutch heritage.

We use information from the existing DACC Archives as well as new research material and contributions from others.

Contact us for more information