Abel Tasman original painting on loan to the Groninger Museum

A few months ago the volunteer Chair of the Abel Tasman Museum in Lutje Gast (Council Grootegast), Mr. Harke Bosma unexpectedly visited the Dutch Heritage Centre in Smithfield and found, somewhat to his surprise, that a replica of the painting of Tasman and his family (1637) was on display. Our centre regularly displays replicas of VOC [...] Read more

Rembrandt & Vincent

REMBRANDT AND THE DUTCH GOLDEN AGE: Masterpieces from the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam November 2017 - February 2018 Special exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the Rijks Museum's finest works. Details: But, there is MORE! From 2nd November: Loving Vincent - Event Cinemas [...] Read more

Human Nature Art Exhibition

Man’s marks on this Earth take many forms, from the devastation of land-clearing and mining to the vapour trail of an overhead ‘plane. The most drastic of these are well documented and have, in fact, given rise to a great deal of Art. This exhibition does not reiterate the obvious, but rather plays with both the subtlety and quirkiness of the [...] Read more