Saturday the 18th of November is the official arrival date of Sinterklaas into the Netherlands. He will be arriving in Dokkum in Friesland. This event will be broadcast live on TV by the NTR. After that, he will be making an appearance in numerous Dutch cities.
There is a website that will give information about events all over the country;

Sinterklaas OverzeeIn the '50s and '60s, when large numbers of Dutch emigrated to many countries a foundation was established called "Sint Nicolaas Overzee".

This foundation was established to keep the tradition of Sinterklaas alive overseas. It did this by sending parcels overseas containing amongst others speculaas, pepernoten, almond pastry and chocolate letters, a calendar, a record with Sinterklaas songs, a booklet about Sinterklaas.

Dutch companies were very interested in this project and made numerous proposals to be included in the parcel. Shipping companies transported these parcels free of charge and the Foreign Ministry tried to prevent import duties being charged. In the mid-seventies it died a quiet death. Emigration on a large scale had ended.

We have in our collection the booklet and record that were included in these parcels. The booklet in Dutch, as well as English, is a very succinct introduction to the Sinterklaas festival in the Netherlands. The record has Sinterklaas songs sung by a children's choir on the one side with patriotic music played by a street organ on the other.

For more information, there is a Dutch website and type in Sinterklaas Overzee.

Click here to download the Sinterklaas Overzee Booklet.

Sinterklaas Overzee Record Sinterklaas Overzee Record

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