Human Nature Art Exhibition

Man’s marks on this Earth take many forms, from the devastation of land-clearing and mining to the vapour trail of an overhead ‘plane. The most drastic of these are well documented and have, in fact, given rise to a great deal of Art. This exhibition does not reiterate the obvious, but rather plays with both the subtlety and quirkiness of the signs of our presence on this Earth.

The exhibition has been conceived by the desire to combine two very different art forms: drawings and sculptures. The theme provides coherence to the display, yet the difference in medium is dynamic.

Human Nature Art Exhibition front

When Anna and Thea first discussed an exhibition together, the theme was always going to be about Man’s mark upon this Earth. It is only in the last couple of months that the actual wording of the title was considered with the decision being “Human Nature”, with ‘Human’ in italics. They both like the double meaning of the title: Nature, affected and effected by humans and Human nature, the sometimes quirky nature of us, occasionally evidenced in the environment.

When Thea and her husband undertook their first (camping) trip to the Kimberley in 2015, they saw quite a few termite mounds, over a large area, which had been dressed up as people, with beanie, brassiere or t-shirt and beer bottle! For Thea that was when the seed for this exhibition was planted. No matter how remote your destination, someone else has been there before you and left a tell-tale mark.

Anna, too, feels strongly about the effects we are having on the environment. Commercial growth goes hand in hand with a decline of the natural world. For this exhibition she has used the Pig as metaphor for the Human Impact on this Planet. A variety of techniques and firings allows the representation of different scenarios.

We hope you will walk away with a, albeit bemused, sense of the impact our presence has on this Earth.

Human Nature Art Exhibition back

Anna and Thea

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