Dutch Australian Weeklies

Click the following links and and it will take you respectively to the Dutch Australian Weeklies and Dutch Weeklies online. You can then search for and read any articles you may be interested in e.g. Cricket in Nederland; Zeeuwse Delta wonder; Afsluiting van de Oosterschelde; Brandschilder Martin van den Toorn (and his work in stain glass windows) in Sydney, Auto van de toekomst; Johann Cruijff, Antoon Kool, The Dutch in Australia. You only need to type one word of a phrase in the search engine e.g. just the word “cricket” or the word Delta; etc.

These Newspapers were made available online by the National Archives of Australia. The Newspapers were called the Dutch Australian Weekly from 1951 to 1993 and then the Dutch weekly from 1993 to 2011. In the beginning the paper was mainly in Dutch, later editions have Dutch and English articles.

The DACC has recently acquired the Dutch Australian Weekly Newspapers. Those who would like to make use of these newspapers can do so by researching Trove Newspapers online, a work of the National Library of Australia, Canberra. In Trove, newspapers are digitised under the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program with the aim of making as many publications as possible available online. We are providing a link here to the Dutch Australian Weeklies in Trove to help you to research items of interest on the Dutch here in Australia and also in Holland during the years of the publication of these papers i.e. from 1951-1993. Should you need help in using Trove go to

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