Abel Tasman original painting on loan to the Groninger Museum

A few months ago the volunteer Chair of the Abel Tasman Museum in Lutje Gast (Council Grootegast), Mr. Harke Bosma unexpectedly visited the Dutch Heritage Centre in Smithfield and found, somewhat to his surprise, that a replica of the painting of Tasman and his family (1637) was on display. Our centre regularly displays replicas of VOC [...] Read more

Yes, we can... ...rewrite the Australian Constitution

YES, we can... ...rewrite the Australian Constitution, BookPod, 2018 Klaas Woldring, DACC Secretary and former Political Science Associate Professor, is a migrant from the Netherlands who writes about governance system change in Australia which, in his view, is long overdue. The recent decision by the High Court to declare five more MPs illegal on [...] Read more

DACC Newsletter June 2018

Click here to download the DACC Newsletter for June 2018. This newsletter starts with the first paragraph of an article which appeared in a newspaper in the Netherlands in 1951. We hope you will enjoy the newsletter – and that we may see you at Smithfield sometime this year! Read more

Dutch Australian Heritage Exhibition Sunday 22nd April from 10.30 AM

On view: Aspects of Dutch migration post -1945; Dutch maps of 17th Century maritime exploration; Maquette of the centre of Amsterdam; Famous Dutch painters records; Reference Library and Dutch Clubs’ archives; KLM promotional material and Australian history; Records of Delta Project (1953 floods). The DACC was established in 1983. It is a heritage [...] Read more

DACC Newsletter March 2018

Click here to download the DACC Newsletter for March 2018. First, a very warm welcome to 3 new members – may our relationship be mutually beneficial! And thanks too, to all of our members who have renewed their membership. This year is looking good for us. We hope you will enjoy the newsletter – and that we may see you at Smithfield sometime this [...] Read more

Dutch Immigrant Experiences (DIMEX)

Click here for the Dutch Immigrant Experiences (DIMEX) survey 2017-18. Thank you for being willing to participate in this survey and helping us to better understand some of the migration experiences of Dutch migrants to Australia. Before you proceed, please be advised that we would like you to have lived in Australia for more than two years and do [...] Read more

DACC Newsletter December 2017

Click here to download the DACC Newsletter for December 2017. Read more


Saturday the 18th of November is the official arrival date of Sinterklaas into the Netherlands. He will be arriving in Dokkum in Friesland. This event will be broadcast live on TV by the NTR. After that, he will be making an appearance in numerous Dutch cities.There is a website that will give information about events all over the country; [...] Read more

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